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About us

Bilbao FormArte is a training center that offers a program of personal and professional development through artistic work for people with mental and / or intellectual disabilities.

A multidimensional project, which combines aspects linked to education (personal training and professional training), employment (through new fields of activity, which value the talent and specific skills of people with disabilities) and arts and culture (as a means of personal development, creation of own imaginaries and participation and social interaction).


Why is BilbaoFormArte born?


We are professionals sensitized with the world of mental and / or intellectual disability, for years we have been developing the idea of ​​creating a training center through artistic creation aimed at the people of this collective, to offer them one more chance.

Focus on cases of foreign centers, as the «Creative Growht Art Center» in Oakland (USA) and the «Schlumpers» in Hamburg, and firmly believing that these people can continue to be formed through art, we have developed a work program that will allow them to develop their creativity and be able to carry out their own work.

The artistic practice is a form of expression that stimulates research through the use of different materials and techniques, allowing own paths of creation.
It also encourages teamwork, while teaching us to analyze, make and address criticism. The different cognitive and motor processes do not to be a handicap, they can even be skills that make it possible to develop different sensibilities.

Meet our team

Bilbao FormArteIt is made up of two partners: Cristina Bacete Díaz and Ana Urgoiti
Guisasola. Cristina holds  Diploma in Special EducationEspecial from UPV/EHU,  receiving the «Excellence Award» for the best academic record of its promotion,  and Ana Ana holds  a degree in Fine Arts from UPV/EHU, where he did a Master’s Degree in Artistic Research and Creation.

Likewise, we provide extensive work experience in the sector, field work both in the gallery“Die Schlumpers” of Hamburgo (Alemania) as in “The Creative Growth Art Center” of Oakland (EEUU),
to which we have come personally to continue our specialization as professionals in the sector of training for people with psychic or intellectual functional diversity through creativity.

Where can you find us?


C/ Zankoeta, Nº1 A, Bilbao

94 607 68 95
655 60 18 77