Annual programme

From September to June

The programme offers a professional art studio setting for more than 70 artists, but in maximum groups of 15, the possibility of working in drawing, painting, sculpture, works on textile supports and prints.

The program is further enriched with visits to museums, galleries and artists’ studios. The artists develop their own creative process, with the execution of totally personal artistic projects. Which are subsequently displayed or sold as contemporary fashion designs.



Full mornings

From 9:30am at 2:30pm,
from Monday to Friday.

Part-time mornings

From 9:30am at 2:30pm,  from Monday to Friday.
The students do not attend during all the hours offered.

Part-time evenings

From 16:00am. at 19:00pm, from Monday to Thursday.
The students come, one, two, three or four days per week and the hours they wish.

How to register in our programmes?

Working in artistic creation is enriching for all people whether or not they have a diagnosed disability, improving the development of the person. Our experience tells us that people with mental or intellectual disabilities who work in artistic creation, increase their self-esteem and empower their personal development by acquiring greater autonomies.
Our students do not require a previous experience in art, only a personal desire to participate and enjoy the process of artistic creation.

Registration and integration process:

1. Contact BILBAO FORMARTE, with Cristina Bacete or Ana Urgoiti, to arrange an appointment:
Tel.: 946076895 // 655601877

2. At the first formal meeting, we will make a first evaluation for admission to BILBAO FORMARTE, and if you are still interested in attending our programmes, we will provide you with all the necessary information.

3. Once the new student is accepted, the first three months of enrollment will be a probationary period, during which time they will have the opportunity to fully integrate into the program. Upon successful completion of a probbationary period, we will meet again to discuss your experience and establish your personal goals, in relation to your work in FORMARTE.

Where can you find us?


C/ Zankoeta, Nº1 A, Bilbao

94 607 68 95
655 60 18 77