Activities within the Center

– To teach plastic arts to people with mental and / or intellectual disabilities during the whole course: painting in different supports, sculpture with soft materials, learning to know Photoshop …, all of them through creativity.

The experience of working with different techniques for artistic creation, investigating new ways to solve a job.

–  To learn about creative processes of different artists, studying their biography, environment and work.

Meeting to share knowledge: analysis, evaluation and self-evaluation of own and others’ work.

– Open days, where we receive groups (maximum 15 people) and work in different activities of artistic creation. Until today we have been visited by: Down syndrome Foundation País Vasco (2 groups), Usoa Lantegia, Lantegi Batuak Rekalde, Centro Otxarkoaga (7 groups), Argia Foundation, IES Eskurtze Stable Classroom and Task Learning Classroom, Day Hospital of Sestao and Barakaldo day hospital.

Activities outside the Center

– To  make exhibitions of the students’ work outside the center all the the courses.

– To present works of the students to those contests where they have room (not only contests for people with disability).

– To visit exhibitions in museums and in artistic galleries during the course, with the previous study of the exhibitions to visit in class.  During the visit we study  the creative process of the artists.

– To collaborate in all the projects throughout the course and that favor the visibility of the work of our artists.


It is very important for us to do all kinds of activities that are going on outside the school doors, where our students can show their work abroad and explain to the rest of society what they are capable of doing and the work they do through of Art. The approach of the collective to the public is basic in our program, overcoming the barriers that people without psychic and / or intellectual disability have by ignorance and prejudice towards this group, which is often given special treatment (poor, fear ….) and not “normalized”.

The number of activities and events we attend outside the center increases markedly each year. Here are the activities carried out to this day outside the center:

– The  participation in the presentation of the book “Sentimientos de Cristal” (Crystal Feelings)  by Agalir Editorial in collaboration with the association “Huesos de Cristal” (Crystal Bones) in BilboRock (December 2013)


– The participation in the “International Paper Dresses Competition of Güeñes 2014”.

– Exhibition of works of the students in Barakart (October 2014).

– Presentation at the Nazaret Center of San Sebastian focused  on teachers and students of the Social Integration Module (January 2015).

– Performance at Café Iruña during the Bilbao Art District event (May 2015).

– Exhibition of students’ work at Café Iruña (May 2015).

– Painting workshop in the neighborhood of Basurto, where our center is located, during the celebration of the festivities of the neighborhood.

– The participation in the  “International Güeñes Paper Dresses Competition”(September 2015)

– Performance at Café La Granja during Bilbao Art District event (October 2015).

– Visit to theTV studios  (EITB) in Miramón, appearing as a public to the  “Atrápame si puedes” (“Catch me if you can”) program (November 2015).

– Collaboration of BILBAO FORMARTE as a service provider for the travel agency adapted for people with disabilities Travel For All, obtaining an excellent valuation by the groups that experienced our activity, Down Syndrome Foundation Cantabria and ONCE (November 2015).


– Exhibition of students’ work at Café La Granja (November-December 2015)

– Workshop “Red Shoes” on the occasion of the visit of the Mexican artist Elina Chauvet to our community, analyzing and denouncing gender violence (December 2015)


– Several visits to the Guggenheim Museum, guided by the teaching team of BILBAO FORMARTE, where the creative processes of the different artists visited are studied before, during and after the visit to the museum.

After the visit to the Guggenheim studying the artist Nicki de Saint Phalle Gorka made this self-portrait with the reference of the artist:


– Presentation to the competition of the poster “Una mirada diferentes”  (“A different look 2016”) from Fundación Universia (Madrid), of 18 posters corresponding to the students who wanted to participate in the competition (January 2016).

–  “Mírame bien” (“Look at me well”) exhibition at the San Francisco Civic Center in Bilbao on the occasion of the GIZAZINEA days organized by “CAOSTICA” and the Bilbao City Council (March 2016).

–  “A mi manera” (“My way”) exhibition with woman, art and disability in Marienea (Basauri) (April 2016).

– Participation in the BASQUE TOUR event “Let’s Mice Together” in the Open Space, dynamizing the event with the live painting of the bags that were given to the participants in the event (April 2016).

– Participation in the Sunday market OPEN YOUR GANBARA, in the old cookery factory ARTIACH in Zorrozaurre (Bilbao) giving visibility to the work done by our students on several occasions.

– Exhibition at ZAWP of murals painted by our artists during the Zona Franca Festival (May 2016).

– Exhibition at the School San Jose de Calasanz de Santurtzi (May to June 2016).

– Performance at the inauguration of the Congress of the SEA – Spanish Society of Astronomy held in Bizkai Aretoa, painting live the bags that were given to all participants of the congress (July 2016).

– Painting workshop in the neighborhood of Basurto, where our center is located, on the occasion of the neighborhood festivities (July 2016).

– Outdoor painting workshop in ETXEBARRI (Bizkaia) on the occasion of the celebration of the patronage parties where our students participated together with the people of the town (July 2016).

– Participation for the third consecutive year in the “International Güeñes Paper Dress Competition” (September 2016).

– Exhibition at the Civic Center La Bolsa del Casco Viejo in Bilbao (September 2016).

– Painting exhibition at HIKA ATENEO (Bilbao) (October 2016).

– Participation in the craft market of ZAWP, in Zorrozaurre (Bilbao), providing visibility to the work done by our students on several occasions.

– Participation in the  “Carrera de Cascabeles 2016” (“Race of Cascabeles 2016”) organized by ONCE, where BILBAO FORMARTE received the “Cascabel de Oro” “Golden Rattlesnake” award.

– Participation in the inaugural gala of ZINEBI 2016 performing at the stage of Arriaga Theater where four of our students were part of the group of dancers who opened the event (November 2016).

– The realization of a joint mural in the Cloister of the University of Deusto to celebrate the event organized by Eventokia, where our students and attendees participated (November 19, 2016).

– Performance with  live painting of  textile articles in the Maritime Museum of Bilbao, on the occasion of the celebration of FAIR SATURDAY 2016 (November 26, 2016).

– Exhibition of works and videos recorded by ANT ESPACIO where they collect the artistic interests of our students in BILBAO ARTE, for their residence project “User guides”, collaborating with the Catalan artist Antonio Centeno. Visit to BILBAO ARTE during the “Open Days”.

– Performance in “La Alhondiga – Azkuna Center” with live painting of bags collaborating with the artistic residences BILBAO COMONS – COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCES (December 2016).