Intensive course

During the moth of July

During the month of July it is offered from 9:30 am. at 2:30 p.m. from Monday to Friday, an intensive course that offers students with artistic inclinations the opportunity to explore art as a vocation with the possibility of making the transition to the fine arts program for adults of Bilbao Formarte.

The groups are small, so each student receives individual attention while he is drawing, painting, textile supports, sculptures …., exploring the different artistic disciplines and the possibilities they offer us. LStudents experience the excitement of discovering their creative potential and the reward of exhibiting and selling their work, increasing their self-esteem and acquiring new personal autonomies.


How to register in our programmes?

Trabajar en creación artística es enriquecedor para todas las personas tengan o no una discapacidad diagnosticada, favoreciendo el desarrollo del individuo. Nuestra experiencia nos dice que las personas con discapacidad psíquica o intelectual que trabajan en creación artística, aumentan su autoestima y potencian su desarrollo personal adquiriendo mayores autonomías.
Nuestros/as alumnos/as no requieren una experiencia previa en arte, solo un deseo personal de participar y disfrutar del proceso de creación artística.

Registration and integration process:

1. Contact BILBAO FORMARTE, with Cristina Bacete or Ana Urgoiti, to arrange an appointment:
Tel.: 946076895 // 655601877

2. At the first formal meeting, we will make a first evaluation for admission to BILBAO FORMARTE, and if you are still interested in attending our programmes, we will provide you with all the necessary information.

3. Once the new student is accepted, the first three months of enrollment will be a probationary period, during which time they will have the opportunity to fully integrate into the program. Upon successful completion of a probbationary period, we will meet again to discuss your experience and establish your personal goals, in relation to your work in FORMARTE.

Where can you find us?


C/ Zankoeta, Nº1 A, Bilbao

94 607 68 95
655 60 18 77