Our programmes

Training programs for people with mental or intellectual disabilities through creativity

Since 2013, Bilbao Formarte has awakened a growing interest in the programs it has been teaching for people with mental or intellectual disabilities, through creativity, managed by a team of professionals, graduates and graduates, who focused their own professional training on the implementation of this project.

Year after year, the number of people who follow the programs has grown remarkably, who value, both they and their tutors, the achievements that are reaching at a personal and professional level. The artworks created in our studio are exhibited in Art Exhibition Halls of different points of Biscay, where we continue conquering new territories, increasingly beyond our borders. Nuestro objetivo principal es alentar y apoyar a los artistas con discapacidad en el desarrollo y exhibición de sus obras de arte.

What kind of training courses do we offer?

Training courses for people with mental or intellectual disabilities through creativity.


Annual programme

From September to June


Intensive course

During the month of July


Customized programmes

Groups by prior appointment

Where can you find us?


C/ Zankoeta, Nº1 A, Bilbao


94 607 68 95
655 60 18 77